At The Kabin Company we are passionate about creating the perfect space for you. We work closely with every client and help create their cabin dreams. We have therefore compiled a list of questions we are asked most frequently. With design, efficiency and comfort at the heart of every cabin project, we share the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 


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We are a family run business creating bespoke timber structured mobile cabins in Hampshire. Since 2013, we have specialised in bespoke, mobile and beautiful cabins that enhance the lives of our clients. From glamping units to woodland cabin retreats, office, studios and everything in between, we add the personal touch to every Kabin we create.

Yes. We can arrange for site visits so you can experience a Kabin Company cabin in real life. You can also read about our happy clients cabin experience here. 

We estimate a 12 week delivery window for your cabin, depending on the design and distance.


Three coats of protective layer are applied to the exterior timber cladding, and should be reapplied every five years.

Condensation in the panes of the windows and/or door may occur but they are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The taps in the kitchen may need tightening with time, as might the loo seat. The grout in the bathroom will benefit from deep cleans every so often, and will the blinds and curtains.

Any repair work that is required as a result of faulty manufacturing will be covered by us or our suppliers, whilst repairs due to general wear and tear are chargeable at a rate of £50/hour plus travel costs.

All wood and insulation are treated with a fire retardant coating. Additionally carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are installed in the property.

We don’t supply mattresses as we feel it is a matter of personal preference.


This is a bit of a tough one to answer as everyone has a different vision and idea. It might be you want to add a studio in your garden, or a therapy room, or maybe you want to build a toilet block on your current campsite, or add a cabin to your fishery, the list goes on and on. We can help you design the perfect cabin for the perfect place. Let’s have the conversation. 


Transportation and installation costs are not included in the price quoted. This is because all sites will differ and therefore the costs will. We estimate the delivery to be £1000 + VAT and any installation work, deck, building etc is chargeable at a rate of £50 per hour. We often bring your Kabin Co. cabin on the back of a tractor, as they are mobile and built on wheels.

The windows and doors are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The Kabin Company offers a three year guarantee for structural issues that arise. The kabins are very hard wearing and shouldn’t require much maintenance work for ten to fifteen years.

Yes! All our kabins are inline with all building regulations. All stud work meets current building regulations.

Yes this is our liability and we are completely covered. Once the unit is delivered to you, you will be responsible to insure the space. Please see our section on guarantees and maintenance for more information.


So long as the cabin remains mobile, planning permission is not normally required. If you were to dig in a septic tank, you may then need to seek planning permission.

One of the main aspects that set us apart from others, is our experience in diversification and we can guide you on this through our consultancy arm. We cover residential and commercial, barn conversions, change of use (permitted development rights), farm shops, office developments, industrial and storage facilities, food and beverage facilities, and leisure and tourism. MORE INFORMATION.